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Public Power Issues

Angela has authored the following legislation:

Resolution #389-94: Supporting the use and sale of local, public electrical', power and urging the Mayor and the PUC to aggressively bid for the National Park Service contract for the generation of electricity at the Presidio.

Resolution #863-94: Authorizing San Francisco to join Women's Energy, Inc. in its protest of the National Park Services Presidio power bid award.

Resolution #963-94: Urging the Mayor and the PUC to explore a franchise fee increase for PG&E's use of city streets to provide electrical power & gas to its customers.

Ordinance #90-95: Amending the Administrative Code to require the PUC to prepare and transmit to the Board of Supervisors a preliminary report regarding the feasibility of municipalizing the electricity utilities distribution system in San Francisco.

Resolution #251-95: Urging the mayor and the PUC to request that the City Attorney immediately file an appeal to overturn the National Park Service's award to PG&E to provide electrical power to the Presidio.

Resolution #1091-95: Urging the mayor and the PUC to terminate immediately the contract with Strategic Energy Ltd. for the municipalization study and to review and reevaluate the contractor selection process.

Resolution #604-96: Urging the PUC to terminate its contract with STAG to prepare a preliminary feasibility study regarding the municipalization of the electricity utilities system in San Francisco.

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