Angela Alioto for Mayor 2003
Mayor Alioto
Mayor Alioto
Mayor Alioto with then Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey
Mayor Alioto & Angela in Golden Gate Park, 1966
Mayor Joe Alioto's campaign button - 1967
Mayor Alioto at the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Observance at City Hall Plaza - April 18, 1969
Joseph L. Alioto & Angela Election Night - November 1992
Angela and son Joe Alioto Veronese with Geraldine Ferraro
Campaign Poster 1992 Supervisor Election
Angela at the dedication celebration for the naming of Viva Ferlinhetti with poet Nealy and Gordon Getty
Angela and Senator Edward M. Kennedy
Angela & Jerry Garcia at a SF Giants game
Angela with Jerry Brown the day she was first sworn in on the Board of Supervisors - January 8, 1989
Angela and her board colleagues the day she became Board President -1/8/1992
Angela as a guest speaker at the San Francisco Aids Foundation with Annie Liebovitz showing Annie’s photos for a prevention campaign used that year by the foundation - 1993
Angela and Danny Glover at the Fairmont Hotel – 1993
Angela with Danny Glover at a City Hall rally - 1993
Angela presents Lawrence Ferlinghetti with a duplicate street sign for “Via Ferlinghetti” to commemorate the renaming of the street in North Beach for Lawrence – March 17, 1994
Angela listening to Mayor Frank Jordan giving State of the City Address - 1995
Angela with the staff and board members of the offices of the “Immune Enhancement Project”- a clinic that practices alternative/Chinese medical practices to help those living with AIDS/HIV - 1995
Angela and San Francisco Health Commissioner Arthur Jackson - 1995
Inauguration Day for the Board of Supervisors – January 8, 1996
Angela addressing the audience at the first Domestic Partners Ceremony - 1996
Angela performing the first Domestic Partners Ceremony with several couples - 1996
Angela & son Gian-Paolo Veronese with Attorney General Bill Lockyer 1999
Joe, Angela & client, St. Clair Adams in front of Supreme Court Building prior to arguments before the Court in Adams v. Circuit City - October 2000
Angela, Joe V., Steve Robinson, Cliff Palefsky & Michael Rubin in front of the Supreme Court Building where they appeared re Adams v. Circuit City - October 2000
Angela & Chiara with 3 of Angela's former legislative aides, Lester Olmstead-Rose, Reg Smith & Jerry Windley - March 2001
Jeff Cappaccio, Former Prime Minister Of Italy and Present Speaker of the House of Congress Massimo D'Alema & Angela - June 2002
Angela and Claudine Woolf, Mary Kay Cosmetics Case Plaintiff right after $11,247,000 verdict that took place in Dallas Texas - Nov 2002
Angela on Chinatown walk - May 2003
Angela's Campaign Volunteers Gather Signatures at Noe St. and Market St. - May 2003
Angela and Garamendi at District 11 Democratic Club
June 14th with Espanola Jackson, Pres. District 10 Democratic Club, Willie Ratcliff, Editor Bayview Newspaper
Angela Riding in the Pride Parade June 29, 2003
Supervisor Sandoval Endorses Angela!
Angela & Family
Angela holding her granddaughter, Chiara Mia Veronese-Lind, next to her son, Adolfo Veronese
Angela and her Granddaughter, Chiara
Angela's Wedding Day Parents and Husband Adolfo Veronese, Artist Beniamino Bufano presents his Madonna sculpture gift - 1968
Angela w/ friends & family - January 1989 Day of her First inaguration to the Board of Supervisor
Angela and son Joe at Joe's graduation from Fullerton while at UCLA - 1995
Angela & Friends
Steve Silver (Creator of Beach Blanket Babylon) with Angela and Jerry Brown
Shirley Ware, Angela, Sal Rosselli, & Jesse Jackson - August 1993
Universal Health Care march across the Golden Gate Bridge
Annie Liebowitz & Angela at the SF AIDS Foundation Dinner - 1994
Angela and Jerry Brown at her Dad's house - 1996
Angela & former members of her City Hall staff at reunion - 1997
Donna Sachet and Angela at the 4th Annual Pride Brunch - 2002
Dusty Baker - June 2002
Angela with Lina Wertmuller at the home of Consul General of Italy Francesco Sciortini - Nov 2002
Angela & Rosa Rivera at the First Year Anniversary Gala of the LGBT Center — March 15, 2003
Albertson's Bay to Breakers 2003, David Timmons, Mindy Lin and Yohannes Berihu showing support for Angela — May 18, 2003