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Lesbian and Gay Rights Issues

Angela has authored the following legislation:

Resolution #7-91: Supporting state legislation calling for lesbian, gay & bisexual sensitivity training of police officers.

Resolution #968-92: Supporting the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian/ Gay/Bisexual & Transgender Rights.

Resolution #46-93: Resolution urging the federal government to end its policy of discrimination based on sexual orientation in the military.

Resolution #171-94: Urging the Civil Service Commission to adopt rules that provide family leave and medical care benefits to domestic partners.

Resolution #174-94: Condemning the Reverend Fred Phelps for his vicious attacks on the lesbian and gay community and people with HIV/AIDS.

Resolution #271-94: Supporting Assembly Bill 2810 that would establish state recognition of domestic partnerships. `

Resolution #285-94: Supporting the Stonewall 25th International March for Lesbian/Gay Rights.

Resolution #816-94: Condemning Governor Wilsods veto of Assembly Bill. 2810 that would have established state recognition of domestic partnerships.

Resolution #82-96: Opposing Assembly Bill 1982 that would prohibit recognition of same-sex marriages by the state of California.

Resolution #313-96: Opposing Assembly Bill 3227 that would prohibit recognition of same-sex marriages by the stare of California.

Resolution #316-96: Supports federal legislation re-authorizing the Hate Crime Statistics Act (S.1624).

Resolution #447-96: Opposing the federal "Defense of Marriage Act" (HR 3396) that allows the federal government and state governments the option of not recognizing legal same-sex marriages.

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