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Labor and Business Issues

Angela has authored the following legislation:

Ordinance #425-89: Creating the San Francisco Film and Video Arts Commission.

Resolution #174-91: Establishing a task force to examine the issue of interim zoning controls regarding large-scale drugstore chains in city neighborhoods.

Ordinance #272-93: Amends the planning code section regarding coffee houses.

Resolution #361-93: Creation of a Task Force on Local Employment Opportunities.

Resolution #217-94: Creation of a Local Contracting and Hiring Task Force to examine the issue of contracts being awarded to out-of-state companies at the expense of local businesses.

Resolution #156-95: Opposing the closure and demolition of the North Beach Parking Garage due to the impact on businesses and residents of North Beach and Chinatown.

File #176-96-009 (no Resolution # at this date: Urging the San Francisco Symphony management to reinstate health benefits for striking members of the San Francisco Musicians Union.

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