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Housing and Welfare Issues

Angela has authored the following legislation:

Resolution #322-91: Opposing Governor Wilson's cuts to AFDC benefits and urging the state legislature to increase funding for AFDC by at least 9%.

Resolution #1083-91: Opposing proposed reductions in AFDC benefits.

Resolution #42-94: Opposing Governor Wilson's proposed cuts to AFDC benefits.

Resolution #274-94: Opposing Assembly Bill 1320 regarding state preemption of local rent control laws.

Ordinance #1-95: Exempts loans as income when applying for General Assistance.

Resolution #214-95: Opposing Mayor Jordan's "Matrix Program" and urging the Mayor to immediately end the Matrix Program as a solution to dealing with homelessness.

Resolution #236-95: Opposing Assembly Bill 1257 regarding state preemption of local rent control laws.

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