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Environmental Issues

Angela has authored the following legislation:

Resolution #929-89: Supporting the federal Ocean Protection Act (HR 3751).

Resolution #101-90: Supporting Assembly Bi112603, regarding oil spill prevention.

Resolution #102-90: Supporting federal legislation regarding the San Francisco Bay Wetlands.

Resolution #799-90: Supporting federal legislation calling for an environmental review of the Presidio.

Resolution #214-91: Supporting Assembly Bill 854, the California Coastal Sanctuary Act of 1991.

Resolution #431-91: Supporting the federal Ancient Forest Protection Act of 1991 (HR 842).

Ordinance #164-92: Amends the Health Code regarding the placement and removal of underground storage tanks and hazardous materials.

Resolution #141-93: Urging adoption of state legislation regarding the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary protections.

Resolution #886-93: Supporting the California Desert Protection Act (S. 21) and opposing any attempts to weaken the Act.

Resolution #450-94: Opposing the dredging of the waterfront area of the Marina district and the building of an additional breakwater.

Resolution #133-96: Opposing state legislation that would extend the usage of methyl bromide as a pesticide in California.

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